MTK-F35 half-size SIM Card Dispenser (Discontinued)

  • SIM Card Dispenser specially used for half-size 1/2 ID-1 SIM cards;
  • Integrated Chip Reader operated by either RS232 or USB PC/SC;
  • Hook Pushing dispensing mechanism for slient and stable operation;
  • Error card bin to collect and recycle error cards.
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MTK-F35 is a customized SIM card dispenser specially used for dispensing half-size SIM cards in kiosks and vending machines. Half-size SIM card is in ~42x54mm and 0.6~0.8mm thickness, which is ~1/2 size of the ID-1(85.6x53.98mm) defined in ISO/IEC 7810. It's applied by many mobile operators for issuing/retailing mobile/data/top-up cards with or without packing.

With compact and lightweight design, MTK-F35 makes it possible for automatic dispensing of the half-size SIM cards in kiosks, vending machines and various self-service terminals. The dispenser applies hook pushing mechanism to push card out of hopper, which is conducted for slient operation and accurate dispensing.

MTK-F35 has integrated contact reader module to record and intialize the SIM card before dispensing, and the reader is operated directly by RS232 or as a USB PC/SC reader. And error card bin is located under the card channel to store cards if reading error occurs or card is not collected by user.

Important Notice: This model is discontinued and to be replaced by MTK-F35V2 half-size SIM card Dispenser

Model Options:

  1. MTK-F3-5100: with integrated RS232 SIM card reader, one RS232 serial port is used for both mechanical control and card reading/writing operations;
  2. MTK-F3-5130: with USB PC/SC reader, RS232 is is used for mechanical control only, USB for PC/SC reader(1 COM for operation+1 USB for reading/writing);
  3. MTK-F3-5000: without chip reader and mounting PCB, for convenience of installing barcode scanner for recording printed ICCID information on SIM cards.  
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