Supplier Service

As a comprehensive marketplace for Kiosk Hardware and Components, as well as standard kiosk machines, not only supply products from our sponsor company, but also welcome various suppliers to promote their products and companies. To provide more extensive service to our clients, seeks to expand the product range by introducing more qualified products and suppliers.

About our B2B Managed Service

B2B Managed Service is our featured service for the partners and suppliers specializing in the kiosk industry.

From the supplier's perspective, B2B Managed Services is an outsourced solution that engages a trusted, experienced partner to manage the complexities of their daily B2B marketing operations. With partnership, suppliers gain competitive with lower costs, least complexities and risks.

Similar as all major marketplaces, Kiosk applications are becoming more diversified and Kiosk Marketplace have become more global, the exchange of information with growing trading communities in different regions has become exponentially more expensive and complex.

With a deep focus in kiosk hardware solutions and kiosk machines, provides an experienced B2B managed service with a global footprint and local support. support sales and distribution of products, where relevant, with Internalization, software development/support, hardware maintenance.

We have a well-equipped professional team that can provide prompt and smooth technical and commercial support globally with least dependency on our suppliers, which gives your organization the control and ability to focus on your main industry.

How to Join Us as a Partner?

We welcome all companies to join us with their products and solutions, especially the following will be prioritized:

  • Companies with Products to complement our product line;
  • Companies that offer better products or prices;
  • Well-known companies in the industry;
  • Regular and Frequent Clients on this platform.

You are welcome to contact us for more details of joining and partnering with us.

For China Suppliers:

China is one of the major producing and exporting countries of Kiosk machines and various kiosk hardware and components. is locally operated in China with a global footprint, so China suppliers have thorough advantages in partnership with us. welcomes all suppliers whether they are already conducting their B2B services or just marketing only in domestic market. We expect mutual benefits from deep cooperation on this platform.