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Kiosk Hardware Solutions specializes as a Hardware Solutions Provider for various kiosks and self-service terminals. We provide components and solutions that are generally or specially applicable in kiosk machines.

With extensive resources and expertise from its sponsor company, is capable of supplying and supporting a wide range of qualified hardware and components with competitive price and high efficiency.

Gradually, we are building and completing the product line for solutions such as Information Kiosks, Ticket Vending Kiosks, Card Dispensing Kiosks, Retail Kiosks, Banking Kiosks, etc..

Faithfully, is always on its way to be a more extensive and intensive as a expert hardware solutions provider in the kiosk industry.

B2B Managed Service runs a B2B managed service for its listed kiosk hardware and components. We provide both high quality components at low cost and premium technical &commercial support worldwide.

We are not just listing and selling the products. With a professional team working closely with both suppliers and clients, we ensure that the most suitable products are introduced, designed in and deployed quickly and smoothly.

There are collections of various Card Readers, Card Dispensers, Cameras, Barcode Scanners, Metal Keypads, Thermal Printers, IPC, Touchscreens and Enclosures commonly or specially applicable in Kiosk Machines for various solutions.

Also, there are lists of kiosk machines which are versatile and ready to go for various applications with least customization.

China Sourcing Agent for Kiosk Related

To provide more extensive service to our clients, seeks to expand the product range by introducing more qualified products and manufacturers.

Also on this platform, we welcome various companies to share their products, talents and resources of the kiosk relevant industries.

Feel Free to contact us and get your companies and products listed on the following cases:

  • Products that complement our product line;
  • Companies that offer better products or prices;
  • Well-known companies in the industry;
  • Regular Customers from this platform;